Tactics Ultra Dry Bag 2L

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  • Made with 500D nylon coated PVC tarpaulin

  • Secure Welded Seams

  • Heavy duty and durable material suitable for outdoor activities

  • Anti-water, dirt, and sand

  • Adjustable single sling strap and D-ring for attachment.

  • Dimensions: 12x12x29

  • Weight Capacity: 1kg

  • Net Weight: 20 grams

  • Can handle quick submersions

  • Floats when dropped in water

  • Easy to clean and store

  • Waterproof Class 3:can handle quick submersions and floats when dropped in water, but could be permeated by water during: prolonged submersion & strong water pressure applications.




The new Ultra Dry Bags range from Tactics may just be your ultimate companion for your new out of town trips.

Featuring the 5 Liters and 10 Liters' new double straps, you can now use this 3 ways: top carry, sling bag and a backpack.

A dry bag is best used for any places that involves: water, dust, dirt, and sand, ---keeping your valuables safe and dry with its simple and practical body.

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 TACTICS Water Gear is a brand carrying waterproof and water-resistant bags and accessories gearing up customers for their many adventures. Whether going to the beach, hiking, swimming, boating, or commuting, TACTICS “will keep your precious items safe and dry.”